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Do Not Knock Registration

  1. Do Not Knock Guidelines
    1. All Door-to-Door Solicitors must be licensed by the Township of Livingston** and must have their Township-issued Solicitation Permit with them whenever they are out soliciting.
  2. 2. The Township of Livingston Clerk's office will maintain a Do Not Knock list and registered addresses will receive a Do Not Knock decal to display on or near the front door. Do Not Knock decals will be mailed to homeowners after registration is received.
  3. 3. Door-to-Door solicitors may not approach any address on the Do Not Knock list. It is the responsibility of the solicitor to obey the Township's regulations and abide by the "Do Not Knock" list even if a decal is not visible at the residence.
  4. ** Non-commercial, religious, and/or political canvassers and solicitors protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution are permitted to perform those activities from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and weekends. These groups, such as political campaigners or religious advocacy groups, are not bound by the rules stated in the Township's Do Not Knock Ordinance.
  5. Register Now
    A "Do Not Knock" decal will be mailed to each resident upon registration. Please allow a few weeks for delivery.
  6. NOTE: Enter only 1 (one) address per household.
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