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Make Sure You Receive Alerts

The Alert system uses a publicly available list of landline phone numbers for residents and businesses. However, many people now use cell phones instead.

 Make sure you receive critical messages:

  • Landlines are losing popularity, meaning many individuals' phone numbers aren’t in the system. 
  • Cell phone numbers and email addresses aren’t in the system.
  • Text messages and emails won’t be sent unless you put them into the system. 

Help First Responders Help You

Smart911 allows youto confidentially provide information about family members' medical conditions, medications, or special situations through your Safety Profile. You decide how much or how little information to include in your profile and what information you want first responders to know about you when you call 9-1-1. When an emergency occurs and first responders are called, they save valuable time by already having the information you have provided through Smart911.

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