What kinds of Emergency Alert messages go out?

Critical, Targeted & Important Messages

Rave Alert/Smart911 go out for various reasons: 

  • Critical Situations: Every resident and business registered in the system will receive emergency alerts by phone call. Those who have also registered an email address and/or cell number will also receive messages through those channels.
  • Targeted Situations: If a situation affects only a certain area   for example, a water main break or utility outage — only those geographically located in that area will receive a targeted message.
  • Non-Critical Situations: If there is important Township information that needs to be broadly distributed throughout the town, email and text messages will go out through the Alert system.


Not all notifications are sent through all categories and delivery methods. In order to receive the latest and most up-to-date information, residents are urged to opt in for all three types of message delivery systems: 

  • phone calls, 
  • emails and 
  • text messages.

Note: The information within the Rave Mobile Safety system is used only for the purpose of these types of notifications. It is not shared or sold or made available for use by outside individuals or entities.

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