How are Township streets selected for resurfacing?

In general, asphalt pavement deteriorates over time due to traffic loading and weathering. The Township focuses on preventative maintenance treatments such as crack sealing and micro-surfacing, as well as more expensive asphalt overlays and reconstruction. A preventative maintenance treatment extends the asphalt pavement life and helps significantly lower the maintenance costs as well as avoid expensive roadway reconstruction and overlays.

In April 2010, each Township street was rated from 0.00 to 100.0 based on the current condition of the road surface, curbing, and drainage by an independent consultant. From these ratings the Township developed our initial 10-year Capital Improvement Program to prioritize road improvements. Upon development of this initial project list, Engineering staff continue to perform field inspections and surveys of the streets to verify condition assessments and confirm project prioritization. The ratings were last updated in 2013 to account for condition changes from 2010.

Based on available funding, the top priority projects on the list are recommended for resurfacing each year. Unfortunately many streets are unable to be repaved each year due to limited funding availability and are rescheduled for the next budget year. Additionally, the Township coordinates with utility companies to determine if any off our selected streets will be excavated in the near future for underground utilities replacement including gas, sewer and water main repairs to ensure that excavations are completed prior to resurfacing.

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