About the Memorial Garden

Seven sides of the octagonal shaped garden are a memorial to the seven Livingston residents who died at the World Trade Center. The eighth side represents others who died that day.

In the center of the garden is a sundial made from pieces of steel removed from the rubble of the WTC. Underneath the sundial in a vault is soil from Ground Zero. Plaques around the sundial show the times and places the four planes struck the towers, the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, PA.

The sundial was created by LHS teacher Hugh Mahon. The concept was originated by Eileen Gardner.


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Memorial Garden

9 / 11 Committee 

The members of the 9 / 11 Committee are:

  • Cindy Cherny
  • Eleonore Cohen
  • Nancy Eskow
  • Gene Fitzpatrick
  • Eileen Gardner
  • Sam Gershwin
  • Russell Jones Jr.
  • William Jones
  • Joel Katz
  • Barbara Long
  • Hugh Mahon
  • Ann Marlow
  • Barbara McCullough
  • Susan McDonald
  • Meredith Nole
  • James Osorio
  • Bunnie Ratner
  • Stephen Santola
  • Marcia Tabatchnick
  • Charles J. Tahaney
  • York Tsuo
  • Nancy Van DeVaarst