Field Use Guidelines

Rules Governing Use of Park/School Recreation Facilities

1. Applications for the use of recreation facilities must be presented to the Senior, Youth and Leisure Services (SYLS), on forms provided by the Department, a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the date facilities are required. If approved, a signed copy will be returned to the applicant and the original will be retained by the Department. At the time of application, requesters must provide the following:

A. Certificate of Insurance naming the Township of Livingston, Livingston Board of Education, and St Philomena’s Church as Additional Certificate Holders with a minimum coverage of one million dollars ($1 million) per occurrence;

B. Copies of the Township of Livingston Code of Conduct Sportsmanship Pledge signed by all players and coaches;

C. Payment for use of the fields made payable to the Township of Livingston. No refunds - credit will be given for weather related cancellations when possible.

Applications will be accepted for reservations for the following periods: March 1 to June 30; July 1 to August 15; and August 16 to November 30 - weather permitting.

2. No grant of permission to use town property shall carry with it the right to exclude members of the SYLS Department, Department of Public Works, the Board of Education, Township officials or their representatives. These people shall have full and free access at all times to any part of building or grounds. The Township cannot divest itself of the exclusive control over the recreation facilities at any time.

3. Permission to use specific areas or grounds does not carry with it any right to use supplies, apparatus, tools, etc., not covered in the permit.

4. The activity shall terminate no later than 10:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

5. Admission fees, advanced ticket sales or other fees cannot be charged unless under the auspices and control of the SYLS Department. Games of chance, solicitations, or sale of merchandise shall not be allowed unless by special permission of the SYLS Department and/or Board of Education. Groups may not solicit funds for private gain.

6. Alcoholic beverages, smoking and illegal substances are not permitted on any park/school premises.

7. It is understood that the parties listed on the attached application will relinquish their rights to the use of the facilities when deemed necessary by the SYLS Department, Department of Public Works, and/or Board of Education.

8. The use of park/school recreation facilities for school and/or SYLS Department purposes shall have priority over any other application.

9. In addition to the above, all use of Board of Education facilities shall adhere to the Board of Education policies.

10. Fliers or other promotional materials may not be posted at any facility without prior approval.

11. Programs, literature, or any publicity of the user promoting its use of any facility shall not identify the Township as a sponsor.

12. The Township assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of any property of the user or others brought to any facility prior to, during or after the assigned use.

13. No users may leave supplies or other items at any facility without prior approval.

14. User is responsible for any damages by user or guests.

15. No motor vehicles may be driven or parked on grass areas. All driveways leading to facilities must be kept clear at all times.

16. If a Township staff member is on duty during an activity, he/she will have full authority. Should the group resist or defy the staff’s authority, he/she may immediately cancel the group’s facility reservation and summon the Livingston Police Department to assist in vacating the area.

17. All Trash, water bottles, soda containers, papers, boxes, etc., must disposed of properly or removed from the parks and fields at the end of use.

18. No dogs - (except service dogs) are permitted in any park or school facility.

19. Baseball and Softball fields are dragged and lined for games Monday-Friday during normal working hours. There are no implied promises lines will be intact for scheduled games after normal working hours. All other sports lines are painted on a weekly work schedule - weather permitting.

20. At no time should anyone rake, sweep, shovel, or try to remove water or mud from any playing field at any time. Athletic fields may only be used when field conditions are playable. If closed fields are posted by signage or fencing - fields may not be used. Signage or fencing may not be removed by any users.

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