New Animal Control Vehicle Presentation

Thanks to funds raised by the Friends of the Livingston Animal Shelter and a donation from the Ralph Errington Charitable Foundation, the Livingston Police Department was recently presented with a new Animal Control vehicle.


The committee raised $10,500 through Pet Expo events and received a donation of $55,000 from the Errington Foundation in July 2016, earmarked for a new Animal Control vehicle.

Truck Side


Livingston Police Department members, Friends of the Livingston Animal Shelter committee volunteers, and Township Council Member Al Anthony were present as Alan Karpas of HCHY handed the keys to the truck over to Sergeant John Drumm, who accepted them on behalf of the LPD.

The previous Animal Control truck was over 20 years old; it simply could no longer be used. The vehicle was taken out of service in Summer 2016.


Animal Control Officer Jimmy Salvadore, Sergeant Drumm, and Livingston Supervisor of Vehicles Chris Southworth designed the truck in consultation with other municipalities. The vehicle was purchased in October 2016 from Maplecrest Ford in Mendham, NJ, and delivered to HCHY in March, after being built to the proper specifications.

The new Animal Control features meet all code requirements of the State of New Jersey and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The truck includes six cage compartments with heat and air conditioning - some with automatic lifts, a major back tail gate lift designed to pick up animals, and a special receptacle for the animals.


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