Camuso Collection Preservation Committee

Camuso Display Opening Night 2020: Photos by Sheryl Starr


For many decades prior to his passing, Ernie Camuso of Burnet Hill Road in Livingston designed and built one of the most elaborate Christmas Displays New Jersey has ever seen. A toymaker, and later machinist, by trade, Mr. Camuso collected numerous animated robotic figures. Many were designed to be doing specific tasks related to toy building and loading Santa’s Sleigh full of gifts. 

Dating as far back as the 1960’s, the display has touched generations.

Following his death, the Camuso family donated the entire collection to the Township of Livingston, and the display was entrusted to a volunteer group known as the Camuso Committee. Since 2011, members of the committee have worked tirelessly to begin the process of restoring the collection to its original condition.


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