LTV Sports

LTV Sports


LTV Sports features the best of Livingston’s local sports programs. Whether it’s fall, winter or spring, LTV is there to feature youth and adult sports in town.

Examples include:

  • Lancers High School Sports: Football, Soccer, Hockey, etc.
  • Junior Lancers Football
  • Junior Lancers Wrestling
  • Junior Lancers Lacrosse
  • Livingston Little League Baseball / Softball
  • Livingston Soccer Club (including the annual "Carpini Cup Selection Show")
  • SYLS Basketball
  • And more

If you (or your kids) are involved with any of the various sports programs in town and would like to see full games, highlights, or special events on LTV, just email Livingston Television and we’ll coordinate with you. We may not be ESPN, but it’s still a thrill for the kids (and adults) to see their home runs, touchdowns or goals on LTV.

Carpini Cup Selection Show

Be sure to check out the LIVE Carpini Cup Selection Show each year in October. In conjunction with the Livingston Soccer Club, the show features a live lottery-style drawing of ping-pong balls to determine the match-ups in the much anticipated end-of-season soccer tournament. Teams are selected and the grids are posted. It’s Livingston’s version of the NCAA Tournament Selection Show, the World Cup Draw and NBA Lottery - all on LTV!  If any other sports group is interested in working with LTV for anything similar, email us and we'll discuss options.