Clergy Corner

LTV’s long-running talk show Clergy Corner is a panel discussion among clergy across Livingston’s religious institutions. Each installment features a rotation of guests who come together to discuss topics of interest and current events with various perspectives. Hosted by Reverend Daniel Martian, Clergy Corner proudly surpassed 100 episodes in 2022 with more to come.

Past discussions have included:

  • Aging Congregants & Building Bridges
  • Building Unity In The Spiritual Community
  • How Does Religion Foster Unity?
  • Judgment Day: Fact or Fiction
  • Living Free from Free
  • When Bad Things Happen to Good People


Clergy Corner is produced with support by LTV’s Steve Milano, Joel Lightner (retired), Frank Sheehan and numerous LHS students behind the cameras and in the control room calling the shots.

More Information

If you would like to join the studio audience and attend a taping of Clergy Corner, email Reverend Dan Martian in advance.