1. Sidewalk Permit
  2. Lot Surface Drainage Permit
  3. Road Opening Permit
  4. Soil Removal Permit

Sidewalk Permit (Ordinance Number 16-2013)

Any property owner seeking to repair or replace more than eight linear feet of sidewalk must apply for a sidewalk permit. A copy of the application form can be picked up from the Engineering Office in Town Hall or downloaded (PDF). All permit applications must be accompanied by a scaled plot plan indicating the limits of sidewalk repair or replacement and a $40 permit fee. Please note that residents participating in the Township’s Cost-Share Sidewalk Repair Program do not need to apply for a Sidewalk Permit.

  1. Flood Hazard Areas
  2. Steep Slope Ordinance
  3. Riparian Zone Ordinance
  4. Property EasEment / Sump Pump Ordinance

Flood Hazard Areas (Ordinance Number 9-2007)

Should your property fall within a Flood Hazard Area of the Township of Livingston, you will need to obtain construction approval from the Engineering Department. Flood Hazard Areas are determined by Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA); Flood Maps can be linked to from the FEMA website. Should either of the following situations apply, you will need to provide a flood elevation survey prepared by a New Jersey licensed land surveyor for review and approval:

  • The property is either partially or fully located within a designated 100-year flood hazard zone of “AE” or 100 year approximate flood hazard zone “A” and the cost of the proposed construction exceeds 50 percent of the value of the existing structure.
  • The property is located within 100 feet of the top of bank of a water course.