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Sewer Line Backups

It is the homeowner's responsibility to keep the sewer lateral clear and running, and if there is a backup they have to clear the lateral. This includes the entire length of the sewer lateral from the house to the sewer main, regardless of if a portion of the lateral is in the street.  It is the Township's responsibility to clear a backup in the mainline.   

If it is determined there is a problem with the sewer lateral pipe itself, such as a catastrophic pipe failure, which requires excavation to repair and that problem is in the street, it is the Township's responsibility to make these repairs. A  problem with the sewer lateral pipe requiring excavation behind the curb is the homeowner's responsibility to repair. If the entirety of the lateral is behind the curb going to an easement, then no portion of the lateral is the Township's responsibility. 

If a backup in the main line is suspected, call 973-535-7951 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  After Hours call the Livingston Police Department at 973-992-3000, press 4. The Township will not clear private sewer lateral backups, and those issues should be referred to a qualified professional such as a plumber.

FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease)

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Sewer Dos & Don’ts

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Water Resources

Did You Know

After water is treated and discharged from our facility, it’s actually of a much higher quality than the river water!

The Livingston Township Sewer Utility is responsible for treating almost all sewage generated by the Township. The Sewer Utility is a tertiary treatment plant which generates effluent — or outflow — of a very high quality which helps to safeguard the environment. Treated sewage commonly has over 98% of its suspended solids and over 99% of its 5-Day BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) removed before it is discharged into the Passaic River. That makes it cleaner than the river it joins.

That means to a safer and healthier environment for local aquatic ecology and underlying groundwater.

Other Responsibilities

The Sewer Utility is also responsible for the 137 miles of sewer line that run through Livingston. There are over 4,000 manholes in town to provide access to the sewer lines for repairs and maintenance.

Lift Stations

There are also 7 lift stations that help deliver millions of gallons of wastewater to the treatment plant every day. Lift stations help transport wastewater by first elevating it and then letting it flow down through the system by gravity. This provides a much more economical solution than installing pumps within the system itself in order to move the fluid.

Water / Sewer Rates

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