PATH Program

About the PATH Program

Thank you for choosing to do business in Livingston! We work as a team to help you succeed in this process. As a part of our PATH Program, you will:

  • Deal mainly with one person. Your single contact person will be your voice and interface at the Township throughout your project.
  • Receive weekly follow-through calls. We want you to succeed, so we actively reach out to answer your questions or provide additional help.
  • Benefit from follow-up e-mails after decisions are made. We work to ensure that all parties involved have current information, so everyone understands the next steps.

Program Steps

  • Step 1: Recording Final Plans
  • Step 2: Developer’s Agreement
  • Step 3: Performance Bond
  • Step 4: Schedule Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Step 5: Building Permits
  • Post Approval Changes

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