Fat, Oil & Grease

Substances like cooking oil, butter, meat fats and juices, sauces, olive oil, dairy products, baking goods, and food scraps can stick to and solidify inside and block sewer pipes.

When you pour fats, oils, and grease down your drain, they clog pipes. The clogged pipes can then cause sewer backups and sewage spills on residential property and on the street.

How to Dispose

To dispose of fats, oils and grease properly, first let them cool. Then, pour into a container with a lid (coffee can, glass jar or plastic container), and put the container into your regular garbage. Over time, these substances will effectively break down under landfill conditions.

Check out our “FOG Clogs” brochure (PDF) for important tips and facts about FOG disposal and avoiding a sewer backup.

More Information

  • Contact: Sewer Utility
  • Phone: 973-535-7944