Electronics Recycling Events

Please check this page in advance of each event for information about COVID-19 protocols and changes.

Recycling used or unwanted electronics is mandatory in New Jersey. Electronics may not be put out at the curb with standard or bulk trash or other recycling items.


Wipe out your data before recycling your computers and smart devices! (Instructions for clearing data from devices can be easily found online)

Electronics Recycling & Paper Shredding Events

Livingston’s Electronics Recycling and Paper Shredding Events are for Livingston residents only. No businesses or institutions allowed.

All events are held at the Senior/Community Center Rear Parking Lot, 204 Hillside Avenue, 9 am to 2 pm. Check this page or this website’s Township calendar for event dates:

  • Saturday, April 17, 2021
  • Sunday, June 13, 2021
  • Saturday, October 9, 2021

Paper Shredding

Up to 5 boxes per family will be accepted at the Recycling Event.

Early Drop Off: Electronics Only

Only electronics (no confidential papers to be shredded) can typically be dropped off in advance of each Electronics Recycling Event. Check this website for information about early drop-off dates and locations prior to each event date.

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Residents may now bring the following fluorescent bulbs to be recycled at our Electronics Recycling Events (limit 6 bulbs, unbroken):

  • 4- and 2-foot bulbs
  • U- shaped bulbs
  • Round Bulbs
  • CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs -- the spiral bulbs)

There is no early drop off for bulbs.

Other Events

The Essex County Utilities Authority also hosts 2 Electronics Recycling events per year.

Large or Heavy Electronic Items

NJ options for large or heavy electronic items (50 plus pounds or with screens larger than 40 inches diagonally).

Event Video

Students from the Livingston High School Science National Honor Society explain the electronics recycling and paper shredding events!