When & How to Recycle

View the Recycling Calendar here.

Livingston’s recycling collection is performed by Waste Industries, LLC.

  • Residents should call Waste Industries directly at 908-436-1966 with questions or to report missed pickups.

Know Your Section

View the Sections and Zones by Street for garbage and recycling.

View Recycling Collection Zones Map (PDF).

Recycling Containers

For Commingled Recycling: Use a sturdy reusable container such as a bucket, crate or can equipped with drainage holes which is marked for recycling. Containers can be no larger than 32 gallons or weigh more than 50 pounds when filled. Always rinse commingled to remove food or grease, and flatten plastic items to be recycled in order to save space.

Please avoid including plastic bags in with, or as containers for, your recycling.

For Paper Recycling

Use a paper bag, a sturdy container as indicated above, or tie them in bundles with string. The bundles cannot weigh more than 30 pounds Do NOT put out paper recycling in plastic bags of any type. If using a paper supermarket bag that is inside a plastic bag, remove the plastic outer bag.

6:00 AM

Per Township Code 265-5, trucks may begin picking up on any street at 6:00 a.m. Residents can put out their recycling at the curb after 6:00 p.m. the evening before their scheduled pickup day.

If not putting recycling out the evening before, residents must have their recycling out before 6 a.m. on their scheduled day to guarantee pickup on the scheduled day. If recycling is not out and trucks pass through, recycling will not be collected. In that case, the resident must simply hold onto their recycling for 2 weeks, until the next scheduled pickup of that type of recycling.

Missed Pickups

Residents with questions about recycling that was placed at the curb on time but whose recycling was not collected should call Waste Industries at 908-436-1966. Residents may also email Waste Industries.

Weather, Holiday & Collection Updates

In the unlikely event of a disruption in service, Waste Industries will post information on their website. You can also call Waste Industries at 908-436-1966. 

If a holiday or inclement weather prevents Waste Industries, LLC, from collecting an entire section of recycling, the recycling collection for all remaining sections moves one day later for the rest of the week. For example, a Monday holiday means Monday’s Recycling Zone will be collected Tuesday; Tuesday’s zone will be collected on Wednesday, etc., through the week.

More Information

For more recycling-related information from Livingston, visit the Recycling page. Recycling guidelines, street listings and special recycling event dates can all be found there.

If you have any problems or questions, please call Waste Industries, LLC, directly at 908-436-1966. Town Hall cannot help answer recycling collection questions.

Holiday Schedule

There is no recycling pickup on these six holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Please note that there will be no recycling collection on those holidays, and recycling pickups will be done 1 day later all week.

Recycling 101

Learn more about the recycling process and how to dispose of different types of recyclables. (Video by The Recycling Partnership)