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Communication is a critical function of any governmental entity -- but it's a two-way street! 

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Communications Overview

The Communications Coordinator reports to the Township Manager and works with all departments. The Coordinator is responsible for researching, recommending, implementing and evaluating varied initiatives and strategies throughout the overall Township and with various departments. 

The Coordinator also maintains the guidelines for Township social media, logo usage and overall tone, and works to ensure that Township-related or Township-sponsored organizations and volunteer groups maintain an appropriate level of propriety as representatives of the Township, whether through events, programs or materials. The Department also provides publicity and social media support along with these groups.

Communications supports, promotes, and oversees external communications, brand identity, public relations and events, and communications and marketing strategy for the Township of Livingston. This includes working with outside entities, such as the BID and Chamber of Commerce, when appropriate. We manage the branding and direction of the Township of Livingston, disseminating information through various and evolving means, through the website, mobile app, print materials, social media channels, and overall.