Daily Reassurance Program

Welfare Check

The Livingston Police Department has a program to check on the daily welfare of senior citizens or special needs persons living alone in the Township. The Daily Reassurance Program is a free service where a computerized system (Swiftreach) will automatically telephone an individual’s residence on a daily basis to ensure their well-being.

Recorded Message

The person will receive the following pre-recorded message:
“This is the Livingston Police Department. If you are okay, press 1; if you need help, press 2.” Multiple languages are supported to ensure recipients receive their voice message in their native language. Actionable options include:

  • If no one is available to be a contact, the police department may be used, if approved by the Chief of Police. It is important to understand that this service is not intended to take the place of the Lifeline, Life Alert, or any similar services which a person is now using.
  • If the person presses the number 2 or fails to press any number, the person’s emergency contacts will immediately be notified that something may be wrong with the individual and to contact them right away.
  • If the phone is not answered, the system will automatically try to call the recipient 2 more times before contacting the emergency contact. Emergency contacts may be family members, friends, or neighbors.

Useful Documents