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The Nursing/Education Division of the Livingston Health Department focuses on providing excellence in health related services for our residents by educating, promoting, and responding to community health issues. We strive to promote the best practices by fostering, providing and increasing awareness of optimal health and wellness initiatives for our community. To accomplish this goal, we offer various types of health screenings through out the year, health education, health fairs, illness prevention services and other programs for our residents. We maintain close collaboration and even partner up with local physicians, community organizations and agencies, to provide and promote our outstanding health services. 

Monkeypox Information

Key Facts about Monkeypox from the NJ Dept. of Health (PDF)

Monkeypox information from the CDC

Monkeypox Rash Example Pictures (PDF)

Vaccine Information

Appointments for vaccination are required at each of the locations (no walk ins).  For information about who can get vaccinated, click here.

For a list of locations that are offering the vaccine, click here.

If you have any symptoms of monkeypox, contact your health care provider regarding testing for monkeypox.  Let your healthcare provider know your symptoms and if you have had any exposure to someone with monkeypox or may have had an exposure.

Assistance Finding Infant Formula

NJ Health & Human Services Information and Resource Page

Infant Formula Guidance from the NJ Department of Health

The recall of Abbott infant formula does not affect all batches or manufacturing dates. Click here to check to see if the infant formula you have has been recalled.

Resources for those coming from Ukraine and are in need of TB testing or blood testing...

Click for Resources for TB Testing/Health Clinics (PDF)

Covid Vaccines: Are you up to date or it is recommended that you receive a booster?

Visit the CDC website by clicking this link for information about booster doses.  You may use the tool on the CDC website to help you determine if you are up to date.

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