STEM Programs

SYLS in conjunction with Built By Me will offer STEM Learning programs, Fall 2023.

Fall Session II STEM programs added beginning Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023

Location: LSCC, 204 Hillside Ave. Lower Level, Craft room 2.

Fee: $165 per student/per class
8 student max per class 

LEGO® Robotics and Coding – Adventures

Grades 1-3

Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

11/14, 11/21. 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, and 12/19

This fun, interactive program will introduce students to coding and robotics using the LEGO® Education Robotics Construction Sets. Children will learn basic programming skills, simple engineering concepts, and the names of the robotic components. They will work in teams of 2 on guided projects building models, attaching sensors and motors, and using a computer to program the model's behavior. Children will gain confidence and understanding as they build and code their robots.

Robotics and Coding with mBot Robot

Grades 3-5

Tuesdays 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, and 12/19

If your child is excited about robots and coding this is the perfect class for them. Young engineers will discover the basics of coding and robotics as they learn how to program the mBot robot to complete a variety of tasks. This fun and interactive program will have them track (and probably chase) their mBots to go through a maze and to sing, while building and expanding their coding skills. Along the way, they'll develop their troubleshooting and problem solving skills, as well.