Livingston for All Ages


We are a community that values social connections and advocates for all members to experience their best lives. The Township of Livingston is committed to building partnerships and fostering socialization to implement policies and programs for the aging population that make Livingston an inclusive and engaging community with physical and social support systems for independence, health, and well-being for all life’s stages.

The Township of Livingston strives to support equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure all residents benefit from improvements to the community’s social fabric and physical features addressed in the age-friendly initiative. 

Through the Livingston for All Ages program, community livability will be advanced by reviewing and enhancing Livingston’s policies in the areas of housing affordability, healthcare offerings, transportation accessibility, recreational opportunities, and social networking. 

The Township will aim to empower older residents to be active participants in the initiative, and an intentional effort will be made to identify disparities within the community and craft equitable solutions.

As a result of this initiative, it is our intention that all community members will feel valued and experience tangible, supportive, and meaningful connections in Livingston, with particular focus on older adults.

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What We’re Doing

As a first step to becoming more age-friendly, we recently conducting a community needs assessment centered on the AARP 8 Domains of Livability — which is based on the World Health Organization’s age-friendly cities framework — to evaluate Livingston's current age-friendliness.

8 Domains of Livability_AARP

Where We're Headed

The needs assessment will inform the development of an action plan that will be used to guide an age-friendly community initiative. The needs assessment and action plan will also be part of the town’s application to join the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. This work is being facilitated by New Jersey Future with a grant from the Grotta Fund for Senior Care.

Based on ongoing program evaluation and inclusive community engagement, Livingston for All Ages will coordinate a municipal program that works with partner organizations to create a livable community where older members are active participants in shaping community features affecting them and available to them. The program is coordinated by the Livingston Senior, Youth, & Leisure Services (SYLS) Department.

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