Deer Management Program

The Township of Livingston’s deer management program on Township-owned lands occurs annually. The program runs during the day, beginning one-half hour before sunrise and ending one half-hour after sunset each day. The program provides the venison to local area food banks, supporting various soup kitchens and shelters. 

Livingston’s deer management program is held during the regular New Jersey state hunting season. Only bow hunting is allowed, and all hunters shoot from tree stands downward toward the ground. The lands being used will be restricted, and the public is prohibited from accessing the property throughout the time the deer management program is active.

Township-owned lands affected include Prospect Park; East Hills Park (the area in which the Dog Park is located); Northland Park; Eisenhower Parkway behind Northfield Fire Station; the area of Cornell Drive, Veer Terrace and Dougal Avenue; East Orange Water Property, and areas off of Laurel Avenue. The area behind the Livingston Senior/Community Center on Hillside Avenue will also be affected each Friday afternoon through Saturday evening only.

Residents may observe those participating in the deer management program parking on streets near the designated areas. Those vehicles must display a special Vehicle Parking Permit in the front window.  

The Livingston Police Department will ensure public safety during the season. Participants are required to log in and out with the Police Department prior to and upon completion of their activities on the properties. They must also comply with all state hunting season laws enforced by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

For more information, contact the Livingston Police Department at 973-992-3000 ext. #3199.