Plastic & Paper: Single-Use Bags

Single-Use Bag Ban

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy's  Senate Bill 864 bans single-use plastic and paper bags, in addition to banning disposable polystyrene/styrofoam food containers and cups. 

Specific food-related exceptions will be in place until May 2024, at which time they will also be included in the ban.

Please read the Governor's statement for more information.

Plastic Bags

Single-use plastic bags must be disposed of in one of these two ways:

1.  Re-use as a plastic garbage bag and place the full bag in with regular garbage for pickup.

  • Do not throw empty plastic bags out in your regular garbage.
  • Do not put plastic bags in with commingled recycling

2.  Bundle the plastic bags together inside a single plastic bag bag and put them in a special Plastic Bag Recycling Bin. 

  • Plastic Bag Recycling Bins are located outside the ShopRite supermarket at 483 S. Livingston Avenue in Livingston

Paper Bags

Single-use paper bags must be disposed of properly:

Contaminated paper items:

1. Coated paper bags or bags contaminated with grease or food particles should be disposed of in regular garbage.

Clean paper items:

1.  Put clean/uncoated paper recycling items inside the larger paper bags -- such as grocery or delivery bags -- and then put them out for paper recycling collection, 


2.  Put recyclable paper bags inside a reusable recycling container and put it out for paper recycling collection.

Remember: if you're using a paper supermarket bag that is inside a plastic bag, always remove the outer plastic bag.