Utility Connection Permits

New Construction - Utility Disconnections for Demolition/New Utility Connection Permits

For Demolitions, the property owner is responsible for cutting and capping the existing water and sewer services prior to receiving a demo permit from the building department. The property owner is also responsible for any new water & sewer connections, up to and including the connection at the main. Valid and up-to-date utility mark outs called in by the excavating party are required prior to excavation. Road opening permits from the Livingston engineering department, Essex County Public Works, or NJDOT are required if there is a road opening. Connections can only be made once the fees are paid and the utility connection permit has been issued.

Please refer to the new construction checklist (PDF) for step-by-step outline of the process summarized above.

New Construction Details

For any new utility connections, please refer to the standard Livingston construction details below:

New Meter Purchases 

Once all of the new utility connections have been completed and inspected satisfactorily and any outstanding fees have been fully paid, a new meter can be purchased. The meter must match the size of the incoming line for all domestic and commercial meters. Lawn meters, where planned to be used, are recommend to match the size of the domestic or commercial meter. Fire meters must be installed on the backflow preventer assembly on the fire line.