COVID-Related Items


COVID-19 has added an additional stream of personal protective products to our everyday stream of disposable items.

The following items are garbage -- not recycling. Properly bag them in with garbage and put out for your regular twice-weekly garbage pickup:

  • masks
  • gloves
  • cleaning wipes
  • coffee cups (even the paper ones!)
  • personal protective coverings
  • StyrofoamTM drink and food containers

Never litter or attempt to recycle or flush these items.

Masks, gloves, and wipes belong in the trash


Remember to put your recycling out loose in bins -- not in plastic bags.

These items are recycling and should be put out every other week with the appropriate (paper or commingled) recycling:

Commingled Items

Rinse and dry all items before placing them in your recycling bin:

  • hand sanitizer containers (note: plastic pump assembly are not recyclable - put those in the garbage)
  • milk and juice cartons
  • plastic coffee cup lids
  • plastic take-out food containers
  • soap containers

Paper Items

  • cardboard shipping boxes, bags, and sleeves
  • cereal boxes
  • mail and discarded printer paper
  • pizza boxes without grease stains (if only the top is clean, recycle that and put the grease/food-contaminated lower section in the garbage