Mosquito Control

Avoid Mosquito Bites

Use Insect Repellent

  • Find an EPA-registered insect repellent that’s right for you.
  • If also using sunscreen, always apply insect repellent after sunscreen.
  • Follow the product label instructions and reapply insect repellent as directed.

Control Mosquitoes Indoors and Outdoors

  • Use screens on windows and doors. Repair holes in screens to keep mosquitoes outdoors.
  • Use air conditioning, if available. Mosquitoes do not like cooler temperatures.
  • Stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in or near water by removing standing water in items such as tires, flowerpot saucers, and birdbaths.
  • Tightly cover water storage containers, such as buckets and rain barrels, so mosquitoes cannot get inside to lay eggs.

Protect Babies and Children

  • Dress your child in clothing that covers arms and legs.
  • Cover strollers and baby carriers with mosquito netting.
  • Adults, spray insect repellent onto your hands and then apply to a child’s face. Do not spray repellent directly onto a child’s face.


  • Learn about current risks where you are going.
  • Remember to pack repellent, clothing, mosquito nets, and other items you might need to protect yourself from mosquitoes when traveling.

Essex County

Contact the Essex County Mosquito Control at 973.239.3366 Ext. 2480

Visit Essex County Mosquito Commission online.