Spotlight on Listen to Children

Phyllis Boyajy, a Livingston Listener and retired teacher, passed away over this past summer. She was a highly respected and well-liked part of the Listen to Children program and frequently shared her thoughts and ideas at the monthly meetings. At one meeting, she talked about activities that could be done with the children including art projects, books and poems. The enthusiasm and knowledge that Phyllis brought to the group about sparking the interest of children was very helpful. She read a poem that articulated what Listeners do to make a child’s life better. It is as follows.

What the World Needs

By Lucille Boesken

A little more kindness
A little less need

A little more giving
A little less greed

A little more gladness
A little less despair

A little more faith
A little more prayer

A little more “we”
A little less “I”

A little more laughter
A little less sigh

A little more sunshine brightening up the view
And a lot more Listeners exactly like you!!