Senior Savvy

Crafts & Seniors

Now that we are in the middle of the grey days of winter, a wonderful way to spend quality indoor time with your grandchildren is to teach them the special arts and crafts that you have enjoyed for years. You are giving them the gift of your special skills in knitting, sewing, painting, gardening, cooking, wood-working, carpentry, music or jewelry-making. Virtually anything you do as a hobby can be shared with the younger generation. You will have hours of quality time together, create special memories and pass on a skill to another generation.

Here are some ideas for those special times together:

  • Plan a garden by looking at catalogs, ordering seeds and discussing how plants grow.
  • Teach the youngsters (girls and boys) how to cook some family favorites. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach a lifelong skill. In addition, you are creating something delicious to eat. One friend’s son so loved his special “kitchen time” with his grandparents, that he became a chef!
  • Share some of the books that you remember from your childhood. Most are still in print, and the libraries should have copies of the most popular childrens’ books. Children today love tales of the “olden days.”
  • Visit craft stores for simple needle-work patterns and fun yarns and fabrics.If you don’t have grandchildren nearby, consider volunteering in the schools, at your church or synagogue or community center to teach youngsters your special skill.

Taking the time to share your skills with a child will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment that can last a lifetime.