Tae Kwon Do-Chung Do Kwan

This class teaches a specific and traditional marital art, Tae Kwon Do-Chung Do Kwan, for everyone ages 6 & up. Students will learn practical self defense while acquiring discipline, conditioning the body, gaining self-confidence and reducing stress.

Youth classes will be held for boys and girls ages 6-12  7 – 8 PM
Adult classes will be for male and female ages 11 & up 8 – 9 PM
Location:       Mt Pleasant Elementary School Gym

2020 Schedule

Winter Wed
1/8 - 3/25/20
No class 2/19
Spring Wed 4/1 - 6/10/20
No class 4/8

Every class begins with a series of traditional movements known as basic form. This warm up prepares the body and the mind for workout. The focus then turns to the unique style of kicking for which tae kwon do is known. Throughout the practice, students investigate the philosophical and creative applications for the physical techniques and movements. Every class emphasizes the artistic connection between the body and the mind.

This class is taught by 5th degree black belt Steven Safran. Steve has been teaching Tae Kwon Do for over 20 years. He also has a Masters Degree in education.

Based on ability: (Overlap in age reflects flexibility in trying to find the appropriate spot for the transitional tween age).