Sponsorship Opportunities for Youth Appreciation

The young people of Livingston are really special and they keep proving just how special they are time and time again.

The Township of Livingston has honored these youngsters for over 20 years. Each year, The Youth Appreciation Celebration reaches thousands of participating Livingston Families over the course of the event which culminates this year with the Family Festival on Saturday, May 19th.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of these wonderful events. You will be recognized in the West Essex Tribune, school fliers that are sent home to all Livingston school children, in posters around town, banners and signs at the family festival and on Livingston TV. In addition, we will supply you with a display poster that will identify you as “A Proud Sponsor of Livingston Youth” and you will be listed on the this webpage.

Sponsor Agreement

Please complete the Sponsorshp Agreement 2018 (PDF). Sponsor names are included in fliers sent home to all school children, ads in the West Essex Tribune, on posters around town, Banners and signs at the Family Festival and on Livingston TV.

For additional information contact Alan karpas at (973) 992-6411, or email alan@karpas.net

The youth of Livingston thank you for your support!