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Seconds Count In An Emergency

Get critical information when you need it through Livingston's Swift911 Emergency Notification System.

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If you are using your mobile device to register online, please note that you will not need to download the Swift911 Public App to receive Livingston's Emergency Notifications. 

  1. Why Register?
  2. Examples of Swift911 Messages

Register to:

  • Update your information and contact preferences
  • Add phone numbers and email addresses
  • Choose to receive phone calls/emails/text messages
  • Use this link to remove yourself, if necessary

Please note: Your information will not be sold to or shared with outside entities.

Do You Have an Emergency Kit or Plan?

On a regular basis, you want to know about things that affect you. So, you can also choose to receive:  

  • Garbage and Recycling Schedule Changes
  • Health Clinics
  • Property Tax Notifications
  • Recycling and Living Green Information
  • SYLS and Event Updates
  • And a lot of other valuable information that can keep you up to date on what’s happening in Town!

The Swift911 System

The Township uses “Swift911” from Swiftreach Networks Inc. to keep our residents and businesses informed in cases of emergency. Now, the system has been expanded for use beyond emergencies. In addition to sending emergency information, we can now send information that is more tailored to our residents’ interests. Swift911 is a high-speed notification program that can deliver pre-recorded messages to the entire community via telephone, cell phone, email and text messaging. Since Swift911 can dial 60,000 phone numbers per hour, we know the information will get out right away. And in emergencies, receiving relevant information right away can be critical.

In addition, Swift911 now offers a “Hotline,” so if residents miss part of a message they can call the Hotline to hear the entire message again. The Swift911 hotline number is 973-577-6452.

Benefits of an Account

The Swift911system uses a publicly available list of phone numbers for both residents and businesses. However:

  • Cell phone numbers and email addresses are not in the system.
  • Some phone numbers are not in the system.
  • Text messages and emails will not be sent unless you select that option within the system.
  • You can tailor the types of non-emergency messages you receive.

You can add or remove your phone numbers and emails from the system online. Sign in to the Swift911 System, or create an account and add your cell phone numbers and email addresses. When you sign in, you can also manage your account and choose to receive information on the topics that interest you.

Other Options

If you don’t have Internet access, you can get a Swift 911 Registration Form (PDF) at Town Hall or Police Headquarters (333 or 357 S Livingston Avenue), or at the Senior/Community Center (204 Hillside Avenue). Simply fill out the form and return it to the Police Department or mail it to:
ATTN: Swift911
Town Hall
357 S Livingston Avenue
Livingston, NJ 07039