Trails & Greenway

View the Trails and Greenways Plan (PDF) published in July 2001. The full plan may be reviewed in person at the Town Clerk’s office and Senior / Community Center. View walking and biking trails (PDF).


The Livingston Open Space Committee and Livingston Environmental Commission worked together with the Morris Land Conservancy to develop a Trails and Greenways Plan for the Township. Morris Land Conservancy is a member-supported non-profit organization founded in 1981.

Township Land

The Township owns 428 acres of parkland in the Township and is home to two county parks totaling 414 acres (primarily West Essex Park). Nearly one-tenth of Livingston is currently preserved parkland. Not included in this number are the landholdings of the East Orange Water Reserve and the New Jersey American Water Company, totaling 1,817 acres of watershed property in the Township.

Trails and Greenways Activity

Smart Growth Planning Assistance Grant

The Township of Livingston was one of just 31 communities awarded a matching Smart Growth Planning Assistance Grant from ANJEC (Association of NJ Environmental Commissions) for the preparation of the Trails and Greenways Plan. Matching funding for this grant has been provided by the Township, including credit for the in-kind services for the volunteers working on this project. ANJEC’s Smart Growth Grant program fosters local land use planning initiatives such as:

  • Environmental reviews of municipal master plans, zoning and ordinances
  • Groundwater studies
  • Mapping of critical resources such as streams, groundwater, wetlands and steep slopes

Some grants help towns cover the cost of revising zoning codes, developing greenways, open space or farmland preservation plans, or crafting new ordinances to protect natural resources, discourage sprawl and create livable, pedestrian-friendly communities.