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LTV This Week:   January 17 - 23, 2019

Comcast Ch. 34 / Fios Ch. 26


We have new installments of our talk shows AROUND TOWN and CLERGY CORNER.  

Also, LTV Sports presents:  Jr Lancers Football 2018  and LHS Lancers Ice Hockey.

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Talk Shows

  • Around Town with Andrea & Joyce: 1. Big L Club’s “Duffy Casino Night” & 2. Gerard Amsellem (LHS teacher)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  3:30A/6:30A/4:00P/7:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  5:30A/8:00A/12:30P/11:30P
  • Clergy Corner (NEW): 1. Panel: War on Civility & 2. Building Bridges: Leslie Brown Wright (St. Barnabas Hospital)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  4:00A/7:00A/12:00P/10:30P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  6:00A/12:00P/5:30P/11:00P

Township Affairs

  • Township Council 2019 Reorganization Meeting 
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  2:00A/4:30P;
    •  Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  8:30A/9:30P;
  • Town Council Meeting, 12/17/18
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  10:00A/7:30P;

Community Events

  • UNICO Citizen of the Year 2018
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  4:30A/8:00A/11:00P 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  1:00A/11:00A/4:30P


  • Lancer HS Sports
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  12:30P
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  3:00A/1:00P/7:00P
  • Jr Lancers Football 2018: D vs Ramsey; JV-B vs Cedar Grove; Varsity B vs Belleville
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  1:00A/5:30A/9:00A/6:00P/9:30P
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  12:00A/6:30A/10:00A/6:00P
  • Sports Takeover (Sports Talk)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue: 12:00A/3:00P
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  2:00A/3:30P


  • AM Wired (LHS)
    • Weekdays: 7:50A

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