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**Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, our programming has been limited and we hope to resume a full mix of content soon.  

Programs recorded online remain viewable at our Facebook page and are now also available on the cable channels of LTV: Livingston Television (Comcast 34 & Fios 26) multiple times per day under the schedule listed below.**

Visit our Facebook Page for updates and more online information/content, such as live Town Council Meetings, PSAs, special events, etc.


As of July 9, 2020


Comcast Ch. 34 / Fios Ch. 26     


  • Livingston HS Class of 2020 IN-PERSON Graduation Ceremony: 

Daily, 4a/12p/8p

  • Livingston HS Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration:

Graduation Ceremony (6/25/20): Daily, 6a/2p/10p

2020 Senior Video: Daily, 7:30a/3:30p/11:30p;


  • Town Council Virtual Meeting, 6/15/20

Daily, 12a/8a/4p

  • Town Council Virtual Meeting, 6/1/20

Daily, 2:30a/10:30a/6:30p




Comcast Ch. 34 / Fios Ch. 26

Be sure to check out...

 Our recurring Talk Shows:  1. AROUND TOWN (for everything Livingston) and 2. CLERGY CORNER (for interesting topical discussions among a panel of local-area clergy members).

LTV Sports:  for the best of LHS Lancers athletics, youth sports and more from around Livingston.

Town Council Meetings: to catch up on township affairs.

What’s Happening in Livingston:   Visit our Facebook page for our digital series of short-form videos where active members of the community tell us...what’s happening in Livingston


March 5-27, 2020

Talk Shows

  • Around Town(*NEW*): (1.) Livingston Now & In The Future with Mayor Rudy Fernandez, Town Councilman Al Anthony and Town Manager Barry Lewis & (2.) SYLS Programs with Ron Barbella & Michelle Cohen
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  3:00A/6:30A/4:00P/7:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  4:00A/8:30A/6:00P; 
  • Clergy Corner (*NEW*): 1. Panel Topic: Healing the Political Divide in Families  & 2. Building Bridges: Chef Jesse Jones;
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  7:00A/4:30P/9:30P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  8:00A/12:00P/5:30P/11:30P;

Township  Affairs

  • Town Council Meeting
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  10:00A/7:30P;

Arts & Entertainment

  • All Township Music Festival 2019
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  3:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  6:30A/9:00A/6:30P;
  • Riker Hill Arts Park: Plein Air Event and Live Painting Demonstration
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  5:30A; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  3:00A/12:30P;


  • Lancers HS Sports
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  1:00A/1:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  12:00A/2:30P/9:30P;
  • Sports Takeover (LHS)
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  12:00A/12:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  2:00A/1:30P/4:30P;


  • Advanced TV Class: D.I.Y. “How To” Shows
    • Thu, Sat, Tue:  3:30A/8:00A/5:00P/10:00P; 
    • Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed:  4:30A/10:00A/7:30P;  
  • LHS Lancer Billboards
    • Daily:  7:30A; 
  • AM Wired
    • School Days: 7:50A;


Additional Information

  • Schedule subject to change.
  • The LTV Bulletin Board is currently unavailable. Email us regarding alternatives to promote your group or event.
  • Visit/Like LTV’s Facebook page for info, updates, and digital content, including "What’s Happening in Livingston" videos.
  • Contact regarding content, joining the committee or other questions.

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