Special Needs / Shining Stars

Shining Stars Sports League

The Shining Stars Sports League is a wonderful developmental opportunity for your special needs individual. League activities focus on gross motor skills, fundamentals of each sport, and socialization. 

Participants will enjoy both clinic-style instruction and games in each season. The league uses modified equipment, game play and rules to enhance the learning and play experience. Each season is a different sport: 

  • Fall - Soccer & Volleyball
  • Winter - Basketball & Floor Hockey
  • Spring - T-Ball & Kickball

Shining Stars Recreational Activities Programs Include:

  • Backyard Games:  Play a variety of backyard/BBQ/picnic-type games such as Bean Bag Toss, Horseshoes, Frisbee,  Badminton, and Yard Darts.
  • Board Games and Socialization:  Play a variety of classic board games while learning to take turns, tolerate frustration, and interact with peers.
  • Cooking Prepare basic foods while learning to follow directions, identify and retrieve items needed, and work together to make a snack.  Socializing and eating will be the end result to this small group activity.
  • Gym Games:  Play a variety of gym games such as Kickball, Dodgeball, Steal the Bacon, Freeze Tag, Scooter races, and more.
  • Martial Arts:  *Contact us for recommendations.*
  • Music and Movement:  Sing, play instruments, and dance while socializing with friends. Focus is on following directions, listening to the beat, and moving around to folk music.
  • Nature Walk and Safety Education:  Explore nature on the Orchard Hill Trail; participants learn outdoor safety education while in an outdoor public space.  *Parent participation required.*


An I.E.P. is required for sports league and programs. 

For more information, please email the Adaptive Recreation Coordinator or call 973-535-7925, ext. 403.

Shadows Needed for SYLS Programs

Adaptive Recreation “Shadow” Program

The Adaptive Recreation Program provides trained volunteers to “shadow” individuals during most recreation programs. The shadows work as a team or individually with the specific needs of the participants to help him or her adapt more comfortably within the parameters of the program. 

If you are interested in becoming a “shadow” or would like to volunteer to teach a workshop, fill out the application below and return to the SYLS department. Shadows are need throughout the year for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, programs. Training will be provided for all volunteers. For further information, email the Adaptive Recreation Coordinator  or call 973-535-7925, ext. 403. 

After-School Sports Program 

We offer a fun, relaxed after-school sports and games program for children with special needs. No pre-registration required and non-residents are welcome. Program will begin mid - October through May. For more information call 973-970-4441. Visit www.facebook.com/lacdnj

Livingston Advisory Committee on Disabilities

Under the supervision of the Livingston Department of Health, Welfare and Human Services, the Livingston Advisory Committee for Disabilities serves as an advisory board concerned with (1) issues within Livingston that affecting those with disabilities and (2) ensuring ADA compliance. The committee also creates and hosts periodic activities and events for members of Livingston's disabled community. Contact 973-535-7961 for more information about the committee and its programs.